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Davenant House Programs

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Davenant Discussions, Study Programs, Convivia, and In-Residence Programs.

You are invited to join us for a time of excellent fellowship, good food (lunch if it’s a Saturday version, snacks or dessert if it’s a Friday evening), and rich discussion as we hear from a speaker and press into what it means to apply Christian wisdom in our contemporary world. These programs are open to the public and by donation. 

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Study Programs

Sojourn: Undergrad Wisdom Week

So many choices. Every young adult wonders what they’re supposed to do with their life. “What career should I pursue? Who should I marry/should I marry? Where should I live? What kind of person am I going to be?” The seemingly smaller questions are also really important and can be daunting. “What should I do today? How do I respond to this criticism? How am I going to pay for this? Should I do what this person is asking of me?” This week will provide you with some time-tested and biblically rooted tools to put to work in your own life as you seek to follow the path the Lord has called you to. 

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Protestant Wisdom Foundations Course

This program will offer something of an intellectual crash course in how to be an intelligent, faithful and historically-grounded Protestant in the twenty-first century. Beginning with a grounding in key biblical themes and Protestant doctrines, the program will continue with explorations of the four other core themes described above: Philosophy, Natural Philosophy, Ethics, and Politics. Featuring readings, lectures, and discussion seminars each day, it will provide an intense but rewarding time of intellectual stimulation, laying a foundation for faithful Christian discipleship in the modern world, rooted in the wisdom of the past.

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Capstone Courses

For students who have previously participated in the two week Protestant Wisdom Study Program or college graduates looking for a deep dive into neglected elements of the church’s intellectual witness to be better equipped to take every thought captive.

A Summer 2020 Capstone Course will be taught by Colin Redemer on Philosophy of Law and the Natural Law Tradition: a five-day deep dive into neglected elements of the church’s engagement with philosophy to be better equipped to take every thought captive. 

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Latin Intensive

For seventeen centuries, Latin was the language of the Western Church, and many of its greatest treasures – not merely of the Church Fathers and medieval theologians, but of the Protestant Reformers and their heirs – still lie locked up in this forgotten tongue. The Davenant Latin Institute hopes to change that by equipping today’s seminarians, graduate students, and teachers with the competency to unearth these treasures, reading them in the original, and perhaps even translating them for others to enjoy. 

At the Davenant House, we have the wonderful opportunity of accommodating students of these courses in a week-long Latin-intensive – exploring the language and unearthing these treasures together in person.

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Church Groups

Bring your church group to the majestic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to learn, grow, and build valuable relationships with one another. We tailor the material from our Sojourn Wisdom Weeks for church groups that are aiming to go deeper in exploring the riches of Biblical wisdom together. 

We offer this 5 day program for church groups at the low price of $250 per person for groups of 5-10 or $175 for groups of 11+. This price includes meals, teaching, and overnight accommodations.

We are also happy to explore options for holding a shorter event if a full week is not feasible for your group. 

Contact Michael Hughes at m.hughes@davenanthouse.org if this is something which interests you and we will work with you to meet your group’s specific needs. 


One of the key aspects of Davenant’s ministry across the U.S. and Canada, national and regional convivia, are held annually in a number of places, including right here. In addition to presenting and listening to papers, we eat together, drink together, worship together, discuss abstruse philosophical questions, hard pastoral challenges, and our favorite new movies together as we walk through the woods, recline on the porch or sit around the campfire. We bring together pastors, church leaders, scholars, grad students, businessmen, and public servants. Together, we explore what it means to pursue Christian wisdom – a gathering of truth in love of God, so as to embody and radiate it to the world.

The Davenant House hosts the Annual Carolinas Regional Convivium as well as the Annual National Convivium. Click below for more information on each and to register.

In-Residence Programs

Residential Discipleship Program

Our Residential Discipleship Program provides the opportunity for students to come for an extended stay of between 2 weeks and 2 months in order to be deeply invested in by the family living and ministering here. The days and weeks are structured in a way which cultivates habits of daily prayer, weekly Sabbath, and whole life discipleship. This is further enhanced through intentional reading and discussion about vocational calling, marriage, parenting, and stewardship of all God has entrusted to us for His glory and our good. Experiential discipleship permeates everything including local church involvement, ministry to other students on local campuses alongside the program leader (if during school year), care of the Davenant House and property, and even simply learning to manage relationships in community in a God-honoring way – repenting and forgiving.

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Interested? Contact Michael Hughes at m.hughes@davenanthouse.org.


Working at the Davenant House can be a life-changing experience in community. You can provide for your stay here while at the same time serving the ministry in a meaningful way (and have a little spending money besides.

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Contact m.hughes@davenanthouse.org if you would be interested in applying.