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Davenant Discussion

Wisdom and Authority: A Reformed

Catholic Appraisal of 19th Century Roman

Catholic Developments

With Dr. Shep Shepherd

Friday, December 2nd, 6:30 p.m.

Registration: $15 (includes snacks and drinks)

In the aftermath of the French Revolution, the Roman Catholic Church perceived a growing crisis of civilization wrought by secularism, rationalism, and liberalism. In response, the church sought to reassert its authority. John Henry Newman mounted a defense of the integrity of the tradition through his controversial but influential theory of doctrinal development. Vatican I defined papal infallibility so strongly that it seemed a council to end all councils. This discussion will evaluate these developments and their tensions, and show how a Reformed Catholic approach to the tradition is better positioned to provide authoritative wisdom for our time. 
Shep Shepherd (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is senior law clerk at a firm in
Montgomery, Alabama. His doctoral research on T.F. Torrance’s ecclesiology was
supervised by John Webster. Shep has taught at a variety of Christian institutions,
including Union University, Samford University, and City View Seminary.