A Center for the Retrieval of Christian Wisdom
Hooker College Convocation at The Davenant House
Please indicate if you have any animal and/or food allergies. We are more than happy to accommodate any food allergies or preferences. In an effort to help us serve you well, please be as specific as possible. Please specify if it is an allergy or a preference and indicate the severity of your allergy. For example, if you have Celiac’s Disease, please indicate so on the form. If you are diabetic, we are happy to provide low-carb options, but again be as clear as possible with what you require. Please indicate whether cross-contamination is a problem. Our food is all prepared in the same kitchen so we cannot guarantee purity with regard to cross-contamination, but we can do our best and make informed choices on purchasing certified ingredients if necessary.
In order to keep costs at a reasonable rate and to encourage the atmosphere of fellowship for which our events are most fondly remembered we ask for your help with meal preparation and clean-up.
You can expect to receive an email closer to the event with a detailed schedule, directions to Davenant House, and general info.
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