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Davenant Discussion

A Trinity Shaped Life: Why the Triune God

Changes Everything

With Dr. Ryan McGraw

Friday, November 4th, 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Registration: $15 (includes snacks and drinks)


In Christian history, the Trinity has always been the core of both the gospel and devotion. Reflecting the emphases of the New Testament, the church has always recognized that knowing and loving the Triune God stood at the heart of biblical Christianity. Yet at least in the past two centuries, the central role of the Trinity in Christian faith and life has been displaced and neglected. Many of us know that the Trinity is important, but do we know what to do with the doctrine?

Building on the Apostle Paul’s great Trinitarian statement of knowing God in Ephesians 2:18, Ryan McGraw hopes to lead us to see the glory of the Triune God and to reintegrate devotion to the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit into our lives. Moving from Ephesians 2:18, into the rest of the book of Ephesians, and then into examples from the rest of Scripture, he will seek to give us the tools we need to see and apply the doctrine of the Trinity in the rest of Scripture by learning what to look for.
Both biblical and practical, with sensitivity to the church’s reflection on the Trinity, this talk aims to excite all believers to rejoice in and deepen in their love for the Triune God who saves us. A question and answer time will follow this lecture to help engage hearers and plumb the depths of this glorious theme together.

Come and join us as we seek to learn how to glorify and enjoy our Triune God.


Ryan M. McGraw is Morton H. Smith Professor of Systematic Theology, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He has pastored in several denominations and is currently a minister in the OPC and serving on the Session of Covenant Community OPC in Taylors SC. He has published nearly 30 books, including books on John Owen’s Trinitarian piety, Knowing the TrinityIs the Trinity Practical?, and a forthcoming 31 Meditations on the Triune God (RHB 2023). He is married to Krista and they have four children, Owen, Calvin, Jonathan, and Callie.