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Protestant Wisdom Capstone Course

Politics and Faithful Citizenship: Living as Dual Citizens

a five-day deep dive into neglected elements of the church’s engagement with politics and citizenship to be better equipped to take every thought captive

Davenant Hall Students: If you are pursuing the M.Litt degree, participation in this residential Capstone Course counts for 2 elective credits.

July 26-30, 2021

Please plan your flight to arrive on the afternoon or evening of July 25th


Bible and Core Dogmatics


Principles of Christian Philosophy


A Christian natural philosophy


Ethics and the challenge of modernity


politics and faithful citizenship

What does it mean to be a citizen of the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world? What is the nature and scope of the authority that God has delegated to civil authorities and church authorities, and how do we navigate the conflicts that arise at the intersection of these two? How do we seek to apply our Christian convictions in public life while recognizing the limits of what can be accomplished by political means?

In this one-week residential course, taught by Davenant President Brad Littlejohn, a prominent scholar of Christian political thought, we will explore different paradigms by which the church throughout history has sought to navigate the clashing loyalties of the Christian citizen, with a focus on the political theology of the magisterial Reformation and its continuing relevance today. You will come away from this course with a clearer sense of the depth and diversity of Christian political reflection, and a clearer vision of your vocation as a Christian citizen in the midst of a hostile world.

This program is designed for students who have previously participated in the Protestant Wisdom Foundations Study Program or college graduates looking for a deep dive into neglected elements of the church’s intellectual witness and seeking to be better equipped to take every thought captive.

Readings will include: Excerpts of Richard Hooker’s Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity and Marsilius of Padua’s Defender of the Peace, the whole of Littlejohn’s The Two Kingdoms: A Guide for the Perplexed, and significant excerpts of Johannes Althusius’s Politica and Oliver O’Donovan’s Ways of Judgment.

Early Bird Cost: $375 (until June 12th)

 After June 12th: $500

 Dates: July 26-30, 2021


Taught by Dr. Brad Littlejohn

W. Bradford Littlejohn is the President of the Davenant Institute. He has a PhD in Theology and Ethics from the University of Edinburgh where he focused on the concepts of law, authority and Christian liberty in the English Reformation and on the thought of sixteenth-century Anglican, Richard Hooker. Littlejohn wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan. He is the author of The Peril and Promise of Christian Liberty: Richard Hooker, the Puritans, and Protestant Political Theology.